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I’m Hasan from Turkey. I was born on 1992 year. I’m student who is studying business major fourth grade but in the same time working. My university is in South Korea.

I have been in 6 countries. I want to travel more because i like travel. And since when i was elementary school student i’m interested in geography. Until graduate from high school i had played soccer (young).

After high school i have entered to university and studied French language just 1 year. Because i wanted to study abroad but i couldn’t go that time. I had prepared the university exams again. And i changed my major that was art history. I had studied 2 years ( 4 semester) but i wanted to study abroad again. So i had foreign friend at the university i was talking with my friend that time. After research countries especially Asian countries i wanted to study South Korea. And i contacted with university to transfer. I learned Korean language at the language institute of university in South Korea. And than i entered to university. I study business major.

I had work some hotels as a receptionist (4 and 5 stars hotels). My hometown is tourism city so there are many hotels. And i have taught English and Korean as a teacher at the academy.

I like travel, geography, art, soccer, interested in airplane, fashion, skin care, interior design, sometimes take a walk, watching movie, listen to music, cooking as well as because i’m not a chef. 🙂

I started this blog. I want to do my job. I wish will be good.

I tried to tell about me easily.

Thanks for reading.



I like geography and travel

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