Apollo Temple

Apollo Temple

When i went to there at the first time, i was middle school student. It was summer and the weather was hot. It was not easy to look at around.

That was a school trip. We had a guide, we were listenning and following the guide because of get some information about temple. I remember, that time in Ancient Greek, they were using egg yolk to build. If you know somethings about this you can comment to below.

The temple region, Didim, Aydin Province, Turkey.


The temple is another popular historical and cultural places. It is a good choice who likes historical and culture travel.

Temple name

In Greek ”didyma” the means ”twin.” Apollo and Artemis,


Greek and Roman

Buildings in Apollo Temple;

  • The Temple of Artemis,
  • Stadium,
  • The Temple of Apollo,
  • Roman baths,
  • Theatre,
  • Church
Image by Felicia Travel from Pixabay
Image by Felicia Travel from Pixabay
Image by Felicia Travel from Pixabay

This temple has a advantage, because it is close to Ephesus Ancient City, Kusadasi City. It They are located in the same region.

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