Before covid 19 voyage

Look at the picture the date was September 2019. There wasn’t corona virus on the world or we didn’t know it.

The location was Incheon International Airport South Korea. I had flight from South Korea to Turkey. I bought ticket and i prepared my luggage to go to airport. I think two days later i took bus and departed for airport. I arrived at airport security control, passport control and i was waiting my flight. While waiting the flight I was looking around and i can see the airplane that i’ll fly. People were talking their family or friends. And there was so much people. Nobody think no virus on the world. (Me too) The people was maybe happy more than now. People could travel, voyage easily. No mask, now worry.


Now many airlines companies canceled their flights. Even some countries closed their border. ( if there’s no urgent situation )

These days airports are almost empty. Many airplanes are waiting their flights day. I wish will be get well as soon as possible. I wish we will be healthy.

That airline company is Turkish Airlines (on photography). The service was good.

I just shared my experience and opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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