Best cities to travel for summer season in Aegean Region of Turkey

Aegean Regıon is one of the best region to travel for summer season in Turkey. Many foreıgn tourist travel to cities of Aegean Region cities (side of sea). Because of locaion and conditions. Let’s get started,

From north way to south way.

1. Ayvalık

Region : Balıkesir Province, side of Aegean Sea

There is famous food in Ayvalık named Ayvalık tost and dessert is Hoşmerim. Ayvalık has many cultural and natural places.

  • Sarımsaklı Beach
  • Alibey Island
  • Şeytan Sofrası
  • And Ayvalık has islands small and big more than 20.

Some of cultural places of Ayvalık,

  • Ayazma Church
  • Hamidiye Mosque
  • Taksiyarhis Church

2. Çeşme

Region : İzmir Province, Aegean Region, side of Aegean Sea,

Çeşme is also other tourism city in Aegean Region of Turkey. City’s economy is tourism. Let’s get look at Çeşme city;

Cultural and Touristy places,

  • Çeşme Castle and Museum,
  • Caravansaray,
  • Dalyanköy, Ilıca Beach,
  • Anonim Fountain

3. Kuşadası

You can read my post about Kuşadası

4. Bodrum

Region : Muğla Province, Aegean Region,

Another tourism city in Turkey. Bosrum is a city known around the world not just in Turkey. In Bodrum city almost all buildings color are white color. You’ll also see on the photo.

Some of popular places,

  • Bodrum Castle
  • Castle of St. Peter ( Bodrum name was Halikarnassous in Ancient Age.
  • And Bodrum beaces

5. Marmaris

Region : Muğla Province, Aegean Region,

Marmaris city has a natural port so Yatch is popular in Marmaris. In every 5 years do international yatch racing.

Other popular and famous places,

  • Hafız Sultan Caravansaray,
  • Bridge of Kıyasalı,
  • İbrahim Ağa Mosque,

I tried to tell to you cities of Aegean Region in Turkey. (side of sea). I hope you like my post.



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