Now is hot more than summer?

Now is hot more than summer?

We are in spring season but soon is summer. Spring has a two different season;

Begin of spring, the winter has finished but the weather still is cool and sometimes can snow.

End of spring, this is spring, the weather is cool and warm but sometimes is hot like a summer.

That info is related north of the equator. When the season is winter north of the equator, south way is summer.

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I am in Turkey right now. Now is May. But especially when you go to outside you can feel hot weather, like a summer. I heard on television ” the weather will be hot like a desert.” In May?

Old days ago i have heard same or similar news on televesion but the season was summer. But now is May, it is still Spring. Yes it is possible.

I have heard on news ” it was snow in a city of Turkey in May. In the same time two difference season? Winter and spring?

I that related Climate change? This is also possible. Sometimes the summer comes earlier sometimes late. Sometimes the winter comes earlier or late. Yes, we know the climate is changing, we can understand when we look at the pictures of that taken by Nasa from space.

Yes, it is spring now but i feel like summer season. It is hot. I want to swim at the beach but i think it is not good idea because of covid 19. The subjet has changed a little. But it can be danger. Before i wrote it the atmosphere can breathe due covid 19? You can read my that post here

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We can feel the weather like summer on spring. It is possible but we try to take care our world too.

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