Sea ans sky view with wave

Sea and sky

White Geographic
White Geographic
White Geographic

Sea and sky view

This place is famous in summer season but now because of covid 19, nobody is there.

Location is Aegean Sea, Kuşadası, Turkey

Today weather is not like the summer. It’s rainy and windy. Almost end of May. But the weather is still cold.

Just a few days ago, the weather was so hot like a summer. I have shared a post about that. The title is “Now is hot more than summer?”

Why the weather often change? When we say “it is so hot, the summer already came” just a few days later we can say “the winter has came back.”

Today i went to sea side. I took this pictures. Yes, the weather was cold but it was so fresh and clean. The sea also was so clean. But i couldn’t stay for a long time because of covid – 19. It is getting better on the world but we still need to be careful. ( i just went there by car and was wearing mask and we need fresh and clean air too.)

Okay, the subject is i want to show you sea side in May. That is a part of beauty nature.

I didn’t go outside for a long time because of quarantine. You know, on the world “stay at home” for health. I wish healthy days.

If you don’t have any work outside just stay at home.



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