Sea view and activities at the beach

Sea view and activities at the beach

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Soon is summer. Sea, sand, beach, swim.

Activities at the beach;

Read a book

You went to beach and opened the umbrella. The weather is hot but there is a cool sea front of you. Hearing wave sounds. But you don’t want to swim, you want to read a book while listening to the wave sound. If you go to the beach you can try to read a book at the beach.

Playing beach volleyball

It is so hot. It is better to swim. The water is cool. Why we shall play beach volleyball? It is a good idea to do at the beach. If we play beach volleyball maybe we will focus the game and after game can swim.

Playing with sand

Do you like to build somethings? Did you try to build castle with sand at the beach? Playing with sand at the beach also good idea.

Listen to the music

Under the umbrella, shadow must be cool. Look at the sea, use earphone and listen to the music. (While listening to music it is also good to read a book)

Listen to the wave sound

Especially in the morning, the sea is calm but wave sound is heard.

I had worked at the hotel as a receptionist before. The hotel was the side of sea. I sometimes was listening to the wave sound early morning.



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