Shopping Center Road Kuşadası Turkey

Shopping Center Road

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On this road right and left way, there are two shopping center.

When i was elementary school student there was many trees side of the road. But now, it was built houses, shopping centers etc..

This road also al little outside of Kuşadası city. When you want to go to where is cities of south of Kuşadası city, you use this road.

There is a national park, south of the Kuşadası. If you want to go there you use this road.

It is on the this road most biggest shopping centers of Kuşadası.

If you don’t like traffic, visit to Kuşadası in spring or autumn (September or October). This road can be crowded in the summer. Because a lot of tourists visit to Kuşadası in summer.

There are many four, five stars hotels on this road. Kuşadası is a tourism city so hotels are famous four and five stars.

It’s famous summer houses in Kuşadası. On this road it’s possible to find summer houses.

What about do you think to travel to Turkey? Culture, history, foods, art history, summer sea tourism all of possible.

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