Şirince Turkey

Şirince is a village of 600 inhabitants in Izmir Province. Located about 8 km east of the Selçuk city and close to Ephesus Ancient City you can click to link to read.

Since history there is a connection with Ephesus Ancient City about building time (Hellenistic period) and on the road you will see the remains of several Roman aqueducts as the village was an important water source for Ephesus Ancient.

Şirince has a own architectural style. A guider told if you want to house must be same style with other houses. You will see the on pictures architectural style.

There are a lot of shops to but presents or Turkish delights and if you visit there you can try Turkish food named “Gözleme” with Turkish drink made with yogurt “ayran”. Şirince wine is also famous.



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