Travel culture Divrigi Mosque and Hospital Sivas Turkey

Travel suggest place : Divriği, Sivas Province, Turkey

When I was studying art history at the university my associate professor was teaching to us Anatolian Selcuks mosques. There a lot of mosque which was built in that time. So on this blog I’m going to tell to you about Divriği Mosque.

Built : 1228 – 1229 Mengujekids, Anatolian Selcuks

There are three portals of the mosque. One of the portal is north way other portal is west way and east portal. It’s not easy to tell about portal because there are many motifs.

Let’s look at the north way portal.

  • There are eight angled stars externel frame and inside of stars there are writings (articles) and palmet motifs.
  • Next to stars there are thin column and decoratd with palmet motifs.
  • There are many star, rumi, palmet motifs.
  • Triangle motifs, octagon motifs, geometric motifs, quadrangle,
  • Flower motifs are also come to prominence, palmet, rumi, lotus etc..
  • Life tree motifs side place.
  • Used roset motifs.

Other Portal of Mosque

  • West Portal,
  • Carpet and rug motifs,
  • Geometric Motifs,
  • Palmet Motifs,
  • Half sphere,
  • Animal figure,

Hospital Portal

  • Rumi, palmet motifs,
  • Star motifs,
  • Bordure covered the portal
  • Geometric motifs,

All of portals designed well and each portal design is also different. That time the technologhy was not good like now but art was really great,

When I was studying Art History i learned some information about this mosque and hospital. Photos by my A. Proffesor.

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