Travel ephesus ancient city

Ephesus Ancient City.

Celsus Library

Ephesus Theater

Famous Street

Harbour Street

Temple of Hadrian


Ephesus Ancient City Turkey

Location : Selcuk, Izmir Province, Turkey

Region : Ionia

Builder : Attic and Ionian Greek

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport by bus just about 30 – 40 minutes. Many foreing tourist visit to Ephesus Ancient City every season. Especially that famous street is so crowded. There are a lot of people.

I have visited Ephesus Ancient City a few times but this time was winter. It was rainy and i was working in the same time. But even though i took pictures of Ephesus Ancient City. If the pictures quality is not good sorry for that. I will try better later.

If you like culture travel Ephesus Ancient City is good for you to visit. There is a long story from Neolitic Age to Ottoman Empire.

If you have any questions you can commet to below.

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