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Do you like nature, green travel? If you think the summer is so hot, than you should add to your travel list these places. Yes, these places are cold on winter because of altitude. But even if it is cold on winter, the view is beautiful.

But i am going to try to tell to you travel to these places for summer on this post.

Let’s get know some information about Blacksea Region. The Blacksea Region is in north way of Turkey. It is begin Duzce city in west and it is alongshore till Artin city in east. This region is most rainy place in Turkey. Actually every season it is rainy but especially most rainy season is autumn.

Let’s get started;

Abant, Lake

  • The name is Lake Abnat,
  • Region; Blacksea of Turkey, nortwest Turkey,
  • Bolu Province
  • The lake altitute from sea 1328m,
  • It is a vacation for both Turkish and foreign travellers, natural environment, forest, walking, and by car.
Image by murat altun from Pixabay


  • West of Blacksea Region,
  • It is a culture and historical travel,
  • Karabuk Province,
  • Popular; Private museum, mosques, tombs, historical fountains, Turkish baths, caravanserais, clock tower, historical houses,
Image by Bedirhan Kaya from Pixabay
Image by ali konak from Pixabay


  • Blacksea of Turkey
  • East of Blacksea Region
  • Uzungol, Long Lake, Uzuzngol is also the name of the village on the lake coast.
  • Trabzon Povince
  • There are many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops in the village.
Image by Kenan Tekin from Pixabay
Image by RiZeLLi from Pixabay

I have tried to tell to you 3 popular places in Blacksea Region of Turkey. If you want culture and nature environment travel these places are good choice for you.

If you have any questions you can comment to below.

Thanks for reading.

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